Welcome to Mixingbowlmama, where Pastry Chef Selvia delights in creating delicious and beautiful cakes.

The secret ingredient?
Every cake is hand-mixed, creating a distinctly moist and delicate texture.

Selvia learned to bake at her mother’s side in Java, Indonesia. Together they shopped in local markets for fresh ingredients...and because the family didn’t own an electric mixer, everything was hand-mixed and made with care.

Mixingbowlmama is a baking service, focused on offering options for various dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free alternatives.

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a delightful treat, regardless of their dietary restrictions!

Thank you for choosing to support a bakery that mixes the very best ingredients - plus a whole lotta love-  into everything we bake.

  • " The cakes were so beautiful, more than the photo!"


  • "Thank you for the beautiful and delicious cakes. It was a huge hit!"

    Christine-North Salem

  • "Everyone loved the cake. My mom said your frosting is "to die for"!

    Jessica-Briarcliff Manor

  • " Your cakes were fantastic. They really brightened the celebration!"


  • Mindful Ingredients

    We don't make products we won't serve to our own kids. Therefore each cake and dessert are made with thoughtful ingredients. We source organic, non-GMO, plant-based sprinkles and food coloring when possible.

  • Made Per Order

    What you get is what we've prepared JUST FOR YOU! We don't stock any cakes or dessert in our freezer. Your order is prepared a short time just before the delivery day. Freshness is the key here.

  • Made from scratch

    We don't take shortcuts! We gather raw ingredients and start the process without any pre made materials. We are a true believer that anything made from scratch tastes better.

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