My passion for food started in my mom's kitchen. Growing up in Java, Indonesia I learned how to cook and bake using local and fresh ingredients from the market.

After I learned that so many cakes are made with preservatives, contains tons of sugar and highly chemical ingredients, I decided to serve cakes that are made from simple, real, and natural ingredients. 

My passion is for you to enjoy cakes that are fresh, made without preservatives, beautiful and delicious.

xo, selvia. 

Pastry projects in the past and present: Eurest, Mast Market, and Lady Wong.


My baking journey in New York City started from The Art Institute of New York, ICC (International Culinary Center), ICE (Institute of Culinary of Education). I also learned Ayurveda cooking style, nutritions, food styling, and photography. But learning is an on going project, therefore the list will still go on. Ask me again next year!


  • Flower Cakes

    Specialty cakes with buttercream flowers.

  • Children cakes

    Fun and festive buttercream cakes for creative minds.

  • Cookies

    Flavorful cookies made from the finest ingredients.

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